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Old Suburban Lady 1:You know, I just miss music as it used to be.
Old Suburban Lady 2:I know! They never used to swear! And you could always understand what they were saying.
OSL1:I can't listen to that rap stuff. It's not music to me.
OSL2:Oh, it's so violent!
OSL1:I really like country... like, the new country. I like it cause it's more like pop music, you know?
OSL2:I know! I love how they use those cliches in their lyrics, I dunno, I just like it!
OSL1:Oh, you know what I saw that was great? The Help!
"Black people are great as long as they are expressing themselves in a way I consider appropriate."... As this conversation was happening, I thought, 'wow, this is what it's like to hate everything about a public conversation and not want to be a total dick and mention that pretty much everything they are saying is a little bit ludicrous... to the internet I go.' Officially.

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